Address Garden Brick

 Welcome Garden Brick


Saints or LSU Smokers Pot 




Interchangable Welcome Signs

(Has a hook to change the "add on" for each holiday, season, sports team, fleur-di-lis, etc.

Go Tigers or Go Saints



 Fleur de lis





Bumble Bee

 Uncle Sam with American Flags and Firecracker



Uncle Sam Hat                                                                     USA Star







Big Uncle Sam                                                        "God Bless America" Firecracker







Extra Large Soldier


Bunnies                                                                "Please Stop Here"


Easter Eggs

Various colors and designs 























Heart Add on with name


 Pilgrims and Indians

 "Blessed are the Turkeys" 

 "Give Thanks" Scarecrow

Pumpkin Patch Add on with names




"Best Witches"

 Teddybear Ghost

 "Happy Haunting" Ghost

 "Boo" Ghost

Small and Large 

Sign is Reversible. Jack-o-lantern expressions on one side and plain pumpkin on other side.
This is so you can keep in the yard through November/
Fall months.



 Pilgrim Boy and Girl

"Lets Talk Turkey" 


 Big Pilgrim Boy

Big Pilgrim Girl

 Big Indian Girl

Big Indian Boy

 "Santa Please Stop Here" Stop Sign

"Merry Christmas" with add on names

Small Christmas Tree

 Small present

Large Present


Christmas Stocking



Garden Angel

 "Find The Cure" and "Support The Troops"

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